Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maybe not quite THAT big...

Ok, I remeasured the garage. 

The total length of the garage is almost exactly 20'.  Width isn't a consideration, but if I take up too much such that my wife can't park her car inside, it is a non-starter.  Unfortunately, earlier this year I built a really nice work bench on my side, shortening the usable length by 2'.  So any build can be no longer that 18'.

This doesn't preclude building a Tango.  I will just have to modify the build to make the hull length shorter than 18'.  I'll just shorten the build by 1' (17' - 6").  This is easily within the 10% allowable.  It won't affect the boat much... and the difference will mostly come out of the cockpit.  Cabin space should be unaffected.

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