Monday, February 28, 2011

Slow progress

Ok, so things aren't going as smooth as I'd hoped.  Still, its better than I'd feared...

I was looking at the plans for the 8-Ball framing, and see that the bow panel is shown as being cut from 1/4" ply in two sections.  This is to allow the section to be cut from scrap from the side planking.  I've decided to use some of the remaining 1/2" ply instead, which I've got plenty of, allowing me to cut it as one piece, and not have to assemble it.  I know that this means it won't be marine plywood (as the 1/4" would have been), but then again, neither was the stern section.  C'est la vie.  I'll make it work, and since the whole thing will be encapsulated and glassed, it shouldn't matter.

On the work platform hoist:  I've taken another stab at it, but thought it through some more and redesigned (again!!!).  Tomorrow, I need to get another pulley (just one more!), and re-rig the system so that there are four lines coming off of the platform hook (two pulleys attached to the hook), leading to two more pulleys and an anchor on the wall.  The loose end won't have any pulleys (other than leaders).  If I can ever get the thing finished, I'll snap some pictures of the hoist in action.  Of course, it won't be finished until the 3" nylon cleats I ordered get in.  Only need one for this project, but I figure I'll need some for the 8-Ball when its complete.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cutting Up

Cutting up the first sheet of plywood into frame elements went really fast.  About 45 minutes, including sweeping up the saw dust and scraps.  Here is the result:

Not so successful was my first test of the work platform hoist.  Stupid me forgot that that thing is heavy... probably about 80 lbs.  That results in about 50-60 lbs of pull in the rope to get the thing off the ground, which is more than I want.  Its back to the store this after noon to get a couple more pulleys and some various other hardware to re-rig the hoist with some extra leverage.  I figure that I can get the required tension at the human end down to about 20 lbs.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Drawing Practice

This weekend is a little warmer than it has been, so I finally got out into the garage and started work on the boat.  Yes, it was warm last week, but I had too many things on the honey-do list.  Got enough of those off the list now that I can spend a few hours working on MIKE'S PROJECT LIST.   Thus the boat.

Actually got two small boat-related tasks started today.  

First, I mounted two hooks on the wall, and strung a rope with assorted pulleys to act as a hoist to pull my work platform up against the wall and out of the way when not in use.  It isn't done yet, since I have a 3" boat cleat on order to tie things to when not in use.  I think I may need to buy a longer piece of rope though, since the 20' section of 3/8" nylon braid may be a little short when the platform is in the full down position.  I'll post a picture when I've got the cleat installed and the correct size rope.

On the boat itself, I finally marked frame elements on the piece of 19/32 A/C ply that's been sitting in the garage for the last two months.  Since the plan called for a 3' x 8', and it comes in 4' x 8', I've got lots of extra.  I decided to use some of the extra to make a couple of the small braces that the plans call for in 1/4"ply.  Since I plan that plywood to be marine grade, and these are inside components, I figure I'll reserve as much of that for other uses as I can.

Tomorrow, I'll be cutting out the frames I just finished marking out.  Again, pictures to follow.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping Interest Up

Not exactly on topic, but I thought I'd record it here.  Just enrolled in the Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Skills & Seamanship course being offered over at Bond Lake Community Center here in Cary.  Yes, I took the same course back in the early 90's, but it doesn't hurt to take it again.  I'd also like to take the Sailing Skills & Seamanship course, but unfortunately it is at a different location at the same time.  Maybe next year...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Coming Outof the Deep Freeze

OK, it never really got THAT cold here in central North Carolina, but I've lost a lot of my motivation for going out in the cold.  Yes, I could have worked on the boat this last weekend, since it was in the 60s during the day.  Unfortunately, there were those darn chores...

Anyway, the delay is inevitable, since Pam says I can spend money yet.  I'm just to the point I need to buy epoxy and a 16' mahogany board.  That's about $150 out of pocket.  Not going to happen before mid March.  So I've got lots of time to finish the stuff that goes before that.  Hoping to finish cutting up the plywood frames over the next two weekends, but there's no rush.

Did I mention my thoughts on what to build (next) have changed?  I've decided to scrap the Three Amigos in favor of the Travelers:

     7' 10"     8-Ball                  DRIFTER
     15'         Minuet                 NOMAD
     29'         Francis Drake    VAGABOND

You will notice that the boat I previously called "Dusty Bottoms" is now "Drifter".  Same design.  I've still continued with the proportionate size increase, except now the proportion is 1.92.  I could continue this sequence one more size to the 55' LodeStar, but that is more boat than I could ever want.  However, if I was to build such a boat, I would name it WANDERER.

Anyway, had considered the Minuet before since it was small enough to easily fit in the garage, while still providing a small cabin for overnight trips.  I was shying away from the small cabin in favor of the larger one of the Glen-L 25 because it would allow me to be more comfortable, but there's no way I could build the larger boat any time soon.  I figure that I could build the NOMAD starting next year, with a completion date sometime in late 2013 or early 2014.

And the Francis Drake?  Hey, it would be nice to have a larger boat, but I'm realistic.  I will probably NOT be doing any around the world voyages, especially since Pam has an aversion to boats that will have to be overcome.  I believe that the VAGABOND will provide sufficient capacity if I ever do, and it will be a heck of a lot less expensive than the AMIGOS would have been.  I had glanced at this plan before, but had dismissed it since it was a deep keel vessel with a small cockpit.  But I've been reconsidering my position on deep keels, and I do like the lines.