Monday, August 22, 2011

Working on my sun burn

OK post isn't about my boat plans exactly...  I took my boy down to Bond Park for the little sailing class they offer.  We spent a few hours out on the water playing around on little sunfish.  The idea was to familiarize him (and re-familiarize myself) with small sailboat handling, preparing the way for the day that I actually get my boat in the water.  Lots of fun.

And yes, it has got me thinking about the boats in my future.  I'm thinking now to forgo building the Tango in favor of the smaller Glen-L 14 sloop.  No cabin, but plenty of seating.  It will fit in the garage, take less time, and overall cost about half as much (or less) than the Tango.  Still want to build the larger boat(s), but I can determine what, if any, later.  Come to think of it, this takes me back to my earlier plans.