Monday, February 28, 2011

Slow progress

Ok, so things aren't going as smooth as I'd hoped.  Still, its better than I'd feared...

I was looking at the plans for the 8-Ball framing, and see that the bow panel is shown as being cut from 1/4" ply in two sections.  This is to allow the section to be cut from scrap from the side planking.  I've decided to use some of the remaining 1/2" ply instead, which I've got plenty of, allowing me to cut it as one piece, and not have to assemble it.  I know that this means it won't be marine plywood (as the 1/4" would have been), but then again, neither was the stern section.  C'est la vie.  I'll make it work, and since the whole thing will be encapsulated and glassed, it shouldn't matter.

On the work platform hoist:  I've taken another stab at it, but thought it through some more and redesigned (again!!!).  Tomorrow, I need to get another pulley (just one more!), and re-rig the system so that there are four lines coming off of the platform hook (two pulleys attached to the hook), leading to two more pulleys and an anchor on the wall.  The loose end won't have any pulleys (other than leaders).  If I can ever get the thing finished, I'll snap some pictures of the hoist in action.  Of course, it won't be finished until the 3" nylon cleats I ordered get in.  Only need one for this project, but I figure I'll need some for the 8-Ball when its complete.

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