Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I posted my thoughts on shortening the Tango a foot on the Glen-L forum, and only received one response, that recommended against it.  I did an engineering analysis (regarding balancing the boat) and concluded that I could shorten the boat by chopping a foot off the back, where it wasn't in the water anyway (I'd have to mount the rudder on some sort of post so it would provide the same leverage as before).  However....

On second (or is it third?) thought, it really is probably better NOT to mess with a successful design.  So I am left with the conundrum of how to fit an 18'-6" boat into an 18'-0" space.   I thought about it a bit, and concluded that the boat only needs to have the 18'-6" while the hull is upside down.  Once the boat is righted, the bow could overhang the workbench I mentioned (yes, I'd have to build the supporting cradle a little higher than I otherwise would, but this was entirely doable).  For those months (about 10 by my estimate) that I needed the extra space, I could use the other side of the garage (the one my wife usually parks in), and let her park on the shortened side.  Since she drives a Toyota Echo, the length doesn't matter to her.  The only time when I would need BOTH sides of the garage  would be a very short (< 2 weeks) period while I actually shifted the completed hull onto the cradle.

Of course, this is still not an ideal solution. HER side has a freezer that will have to be moved.  Putting a boat there will also make getting to the door to the house a pain.  But it is doable, and that's what its all about.

As far as the 8Ball build goes... delay delay delay.  Money and Time.  I've just about finished off the various work on my honey-do list (see my House blog), but the bank account needs a break.  I figure I can buy a couple of sheets of marine plywood in August (19th?), by which time I should also have the garage cleaned up (see House blog re: Shed).

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