Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What goes up, must come down

It occurred to me today that since I like the relative proportion between builds of 1.79 so much, that I really ought to continue it.  As I said, the next size up (80'+) just wasn't in the budget, but there's no reason that I can't build at the smaller end.  If I take the next four sizes down, I get: 4'-4 5/8", 2'-5 1/2", 1'-4 1/2", and 9 1/4", providing me with an excellent opportunity to build scale models of each of my planned builds (all at about 1/10th scale).  I've built boat models before, and currently have one sitting on my dresser (not one that I did), so it might be fun.  Certainly inexpensive (compared to the real thing), and probably the only way that I'll ever be able to picture all four builds in one picture.  (While I plan to hang on to the 8-Ball, I don't see keeping each of the other builds after the next one up is complete.  By the time I get the Starpath done [if ever], the GL-14 will be long gone, and the GL-25 on its way out the door.)

When will I actually build these things?  Well, I can't accurately build a model until I have dimensions for the real boat.  I've already got plans for the 8-Ball sitting on the shelf beside me, so I can start on that over the winter.  I hope to finish the actual 8-Ball this spring or summer, and get plans for the GL-14 around August, so I can knock the second model out any time after that.  The GL-25 will probably be started in 2014, and the Starpath in 2018, so don't hold your breath.

Meanwhile, I've got about 3 years to figure out where I can build a 25 foot boat...

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