Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm just a cut up

Well, actually I decided that it would be easier to handle the templates if they weren't in one huge 3' x 8' piece.  I used a pair of scissors to cut the template into four sections... carefully avoiding any sections.  OK, so the pieces aren't pretty, but the biggest one is only about 2' x 3', and much easier to handle.

Although I started tracing the frames on my plywood before Christmas, the snowstorm that rolled through the day after dropped about 7", and brought freezing temperatures that discouraged working in the garage.  Needless to say, I found plenty of excuses to not finish the job up just yet.  But never fear... the prediction is for 60 degrees on New Years, and even if it rains as the forecast says, the Garage will remain dry.  I plan to take my newly portable templates back out to the garage, and finish the job in short order. 

And yes, I have already learned something.  I also plan to take a straight edge with me, so the lines are straight this time!

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