Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some thoughts to follow up the Toastmaster speech

In spite of my wife's doubts, I really do intend to build a boat.  Indeed, I intend to build multiple boats, assuming that I don't get disgusted with the whole operation during my first build.

I've given further thought to which boat(s) I'd like to build.  I started thinking that my original plan to first build an 8Ball (7' 10") would leave me with a tiny craft that wouldn't be able to carry me as well as a kid or two.  Maybe I should do something larger...

A few weeks ago, I took my son to the local city park for a Boy Scout merit badge event.  There is a small lake at the park, with a boat launch.   Ah ha!  Yes, I could build an 8Ball and launch it here on the weekends... but the sign at the park says that boats up to 15 feet are allowed.  Maybe a larger boat that would more easily transport my fat butt was in order.  I was thinking of a Tango as a second build... but a Tango is 18' 6"... to big for the park lake.  Also, I figure a Tango would take me at least 3 years to build... and a lot more money that I can afford in the near future.

Back to the Glen-L site.  I pondered several of the plans, and finally decided on the GL14.  Still pretty expensive though... and I estimate a 20 month build time, and that would keep me off the water for two years.

OK, I'm a planner.  I like to come up with (some might say grandiose) plans.  I've gone back to the idea of building the 8Ball first.  I can knock this out in three or four months, and find out if I really like doing it.  Then, later in the year (2011), I can get a start on a bigger play boat (Glen-L14).  After I finish this, I can do a bigger build... perhaps a Glen-L25, if I can figure out a way to build it with limited garage space, or get the HOA to let me build it in my back yard.  As I said in the speech, I would eventually like to tackle a ocean going boat... maybe a Starpath (44').  But that won't be anytime soon... I'd have to move closer to the ocean to make this practical, and that won't happen for another 10-12 years, after I am ready to retire.

I've already bought the plans for the 8Ball.  I'd have started building already, but cash is tight until after Christmas.  I plan to order some of the supplies I'll use in the build starting in January, and by the time things warm up at the end of winter, I should be ready to start cutting wood.  Stay tuned for updates.

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