Sunday, March 13, 2011

Honeydo First

Friday afternoon I went over to Capitol City Lumber to pick up my mahogany.  Three eight foot boards of 3/4" thick lumber six inches wide... $120.  Brought it home and brought it into the garage... and there it sits, two days later.  The honey-do list caught up with me.

I did take a few minutes yesterday to cut the mast sections.  Angle slices at the ends of the 1x2 Aspen at about a 5:1 taper.  I could mix up some epoxy and glue them together today, but I rethought it, and decided that I should wait and catch it when I have a bigger batch of epoxy mixed to glue up my frames... hopefully next week.

Today... maybe I'll be able to cut the mahogany frame sections.  Most of it is 1" wide strips, with some 2" or 2-1/2" elements.  The stuff that isn't 1" I'll just trace off of the template.  That's assuming I can finish up the honey-do's...

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